Monday, February 26, 2007

sharing Christ at Echo Glen

Last Tuesday, I went out to Echo Glen after missing several weeks. We had icy and snowy weather and then some unfortunate procedural mishaps getting into Chinook, the boys unit where I am serving. I went out there not expecting great things but knew I needed to be faithful with my commitment. I was in for a wonderful surprise. I met individually with boys, ages 14-16, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.

Josh and I have met several times before. This time, he wanted to know what he needed to do to be saved. Really. So, he listened as I went through the Romans Road. Near the end, he got the wiggles and was anxiously trying to figure out what else was going on. He lost focus and then wanted to know about how all the writers of the Bible could agree about being saved. I tried to share about the authenticity or trustworthy nature of the Scriptures. He just wasn't paying attention and obviously wasn't ready. I shared that he doesn't need me to receive Christ and that he should pray about what we talked about. Anyone can receive Christ on their own. I also shared he was responsible for what I taught him. He came back with, "Well, why did you sharte with me, then?" I am praying diligently for him because I think he wants to be saved.

Jake and I made great strides early around John 3:16-20 about light and darkness. Once, we read through five chapters of Micah together. I could tell he really comprehends and engages with the Scriptures. Previously, he wasn't ready. It turns out, he received Christ as his Savior several weeks ago after a Sunday night chapter. The speaker connected the dots between what we shared together earlier and what he heard that night. He said, "My life is really changing!"
I told him I was doing backflips in my heart all over the room.

The third boy, Derek, is 14. His parents live in the very home Katharine's grandparents built and lived in many years ago. The very home. This is a chapter of "it's a small world." We read the awesome story of Zacheus as Jesus passed through Jericho on his final trip to Jerusalem. I substituted Derek's name for Zacheus when Jesus called hated tax collector out of the tree and changed his life and eternal destiny forever. Derek prayed to receive Christ right there. We wrote out the prayer together and both of us signed and dated it. "For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save the lost," Luke 19:10.


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