Friday, March 13, 2009

Review of the Shack

I recently completed William Young's allegorical novel, "The Shack," which has stirred up significant discussion and criticism over the Trinity and related Biblical issues. One recent blog listed 13 heresies in it. I was very careful to read it for myself before interacting with what others critiqued. I strongly recommend you read it and come to your own conclusion. It may really touch your heart. It is written as an allegory. You might not like it at all.

I was impacted by how God led Mac, the main character, through forgiveness in the midst of crippling pain and anger. Some of us have been wounded by the affairs of life. Do you know anybody like that? Yes, several troubling theological issues needed to be placed "over on the side" in a spirit of discernment to gain so much. The portrayal of Mac's daughter in heaven running toward him in the field was deeply moving for me.

The author's concluding comments are very interesting--he speaks about theological rewrites for future use and the unfolding of how this book came to be. I will be interested to see what or if Mr. Young revises in future editions.

Our PFC team of Chuck Boyce, Dwight Hawley, Jim Dixon, Wayne Orendorf, and I are getting ready for our March 27-29 Eastern Washington and Oregon mission concerts to Medical Lake, Connell, Yakima, Walla Walla, WA.; and Umatilla, OR. This team has gone out together now for several years recently so we are very close. As the team leader, I am facilitating the communication and resolution of frustrations that have grown up between us. We are making awesome progress. The Lord delights when His children seek reconciliation between one another.

Chaplain Mark

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dsjulian said...

I read "The Shack" and all I can say is that the people looking for heresies are completely missing the message just like the Pharisees of old: Too busy looking for the "Biblical" inconsistencies and not hearing the author's pain.