Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jerry Corelli

When I take PFC mission trips to eastern Washington and Oregon, I get the privilege of sharing the ministry time with awesome musicians who become precious co-workers and brothers in our service for the King of kings and Lord of lords. I have been so blessed!

The Lord Himself brought new musical friends to enrich my life in Jerry Corelli and his wife Liv. Jerry plans to come with our PFC trip in April of 2010.

I've learned it's great planning and just enriching to meet members of the team before the trip so Jerry, Liv, and I met Thursday at Borders in Tacoma.

We hope to take four or five members on these trips. We had a great time together. I am hoping to attend a worship concert at their church in Parkland on August 29.

Jerry informed me he has six musical CD's so I went online and listened to several on You-tube and was greatly encouraged. I am providing the sites for you as I expect the Lord will touch your heart with his music, as He touched me.

Below is a link to "The Rock". This version was on the "Seattle Praise the Lord show"

"Kingdom of Grace"

"I can't believe I'm yours" It's a love song I wrote for my wife and is on my newest CD "Grandfather Moon"

"Can you see through the sin"

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