Friday, October 9, 2009

Prayers from Walla Walla

Jim Dixon, my faithful ministry partner on PFC missions trips around Washington and Oregon, shared this account from a previous trip.This was a very great answer to prayer for myself that happened while ministering at Walla Walla. Many times volunteers are ministering to the inmates but we are also very ministered to by them, as well.

Mark and I had an opportunity to allow several inmates play some solos and sing a few songs at Walla Walla, with the permission of the the volunteer chaplain. Some of the inmates are extremely talented musically and love to share in some music time and their fellow inmates love this.

After I was finished with my songs and sharing, Mark gave a message from God's word. While I was sitting with the inmates listening to Mark, I heard a word to me: "have some of the inmates pray for Aaron." Aaron is my son who has been struggling with drinking and church attendance. When Mark was finished, I went up and told a short bit about Aaron and asked if a few of the guys would come up and pray for him. A dozen men quickly came forward, gathered around me and began praying.

When I got home after just four days, Aaron told me that he was done with drinking. I saw him reading his Bible again and went to Church. He has been listening to worship CD's again. He is still not drinking after several months. His attitude in speaking with his wife is changed. His change is very clear.

I want the guys at the prisons and jails to know that their prayers are great and the Lord is using them as much as those that come to minister to them. The Lord worked in their prayers. I only obeyed Him and asked what I felt He said to me.

Mark and I have been ministered to as much as we minister. I feel that I get more than I give. I hope that the inmates are encouraged and know that the Lord is using them greatly. His ears are open to His children!

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dsjulian said...

Since we have been ministering through PFC we have come to stop believing in miracles in the traditional sense -- that they are spectacular, out-of-the-ordinary events. Now we have come to see what some others call miracles are just everyday occurrences here and that prayer really does work. This is a great story and affirmation of that. Keep up the good work, fight the good fight of faith, and God bless you!