Friday, March 26, 2010

Hungry for hope

I am distributing a Bible study on "hope," as the men get really discouraged and need to keep their hearts focused on Him. I am meeting with Dustin at the Regional Justice Center.  He is a 20's young man who is reading the Scriptures faithfully.  He made it through the New Testament a couple of times and now we are walking through the Old Testament.

I am deeply appreciative for so many faithful family and friends who continue to support me as a missionary chaplain with Prisoners for Christ Outreach Ministries. Sometimes, I am overwhelmed in thankfulness.

 I met with Mary Ann Morbley, the program director and my supervisor at the RJC, to go over the four notebooks with materials I use with the men, based on need.  I have received wonderful materials from the solid ministries of  John Piper, Ray Pritchard, and John MacArthur.  There is an ongoing problem when volunteers bring in materials that are not approved or go through Mary Ann. This places the volunteer status of that ministry group in jeopardy.

I have met with 63 men so far this month with five recommitting themselves to the Lord.  I share with a group in the E and D (or Edward and David) Units, regularly for discipleship and prayer.  My purpose is to meet with men as regularly as possible while they are at the RJC to establish a firm foundation in the Lord and the Scriptures for them.

Dustin asks questions about personal application and obedience.  He doesn't want to fit into the woodwork so that he assimilates himself into the world while claiming to be a Christian.  He witnesses to his family who are not saved.

His Dad is in the Mormon church and Dustin wants to understand what the differences are and what is going on.  I carefully avoid criticizing other groups, by RJC volunteer policy, so we open the Scriptures together. He got to see his entire family, this week, which really built up his spirit.

I received a letter from Joseph from the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla.  He survived a frightening racially-driven riot in his unit, recently.  By God's grace, he was not attacked. You may recall he was convicted of a homicide as a nurses aide in Federal Way several months ago.  Joseph learned an reopened investigation continues by the FW Police Department which may result in another trial and a return to the RJC which is a remarkable answer to prayer. 


Cal Redmond said...

Keep up the great work, Mark. Hope is what we can offer all people, and we can point people to Jesus and the hope He can give them.

Ray said...

Mark, very glad we can partner with you through our book "An Anchor for the Soul." God bless you and your outreach to prisoners. Ray Pritchard