Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Goody Bags distributed

The Weidner clan during assembling
As part of my ministry at the Regional Justice Center in Kent, I serve as president of our Chaplaincy Advisory Group which meets the second Monday monthly.  

We support all the 33 ministry groups serving at the RJC under trhe direction of Mary Ann Morbley, the programs director at the RJC.  

For the past several years, the CAG has sponsored a Christian Goody Bag distribution to the 700 inmates and officers. It is amazing how genuinely touched and appreciative the men and women are when we pass out the lunch sack size bags.  

Merv Weidner, one of the chaplains, and his family come in to assemble the bags.  A group of elementary classes from Kentview Christian School color the bags.  The supporting ministries brought in candy, cookies, and crackers and the CAG provided additional items.  One of our board members worked with area grocery stores to provide candy items.

I was privileged to assemble some extra bags and distribute the bags with Chaplains Dick Rothlisberger and Mary Rutter to several of the units.  I have been able to follow-up with inmates for one-on-one Bible studies and visitation.

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