Sunday, March 4, 2007

Olympic ministry with Jim

Jim Krueger and I traveled north of Aberdeen and Lake Quinalt to the Olympic facility on Saturday night for an awesome worship service with 12 very appreciative men. We joined together for group prayer and choruses, three great numbers by Jim, my message about Zaccheus from Luke 19, a closing response number by Jim, and responding prayers by the men.

Several of the men, including Jim, were in tears as the Lord was working. I am hoping to go out to Olympic with Jim the first Saturday of each month. Jim shared with me he is seeking to build a team of volunteers to expand the ministry there on Saturday nights. They ministered openly to our hearts so it was a great privilege to share worship with them. They are eager to worship and enjoy fellowship.

On April 20-22, I am scheduled to make my second trip to several Eastern Washington sites with Jim, my precious teammate Dwight, and virtually all of the team that went in November.

Please continue to pray as I make appointments to share this work and pursue support and as I seek full-time employment until my support is raised. On most days, I check on jobs and follow-up in the morning and then head down to the Regional Justice Center to serve with Dwight Hawley and Dick Rothlisberger where I feel useful and productive.

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