Friday, March 2, 2007

welcoming Jesus gladly

On Friday night at the Regional Justice Center, Dwight and I had the joy of seeing at least two men repent of their sins and believe for salvation. I spoke on one of the great passages in the Gospel of Luke, chapter 19:1-10 when Jesus called Zaccheus out of his spectator sycamore tree and invited Himself to his house. There were six men who came in to hear God's word tonight at hte RJC. Dwight Hawley and I were thrilled to read with our guests how the little man came down and welcomed Christ gladly to his house and heart. Despite the muttering and critical residents of Jericho, Zaccheus showed radical repentance, like it was happening right in the unit mult-purpose room where we were.

I asked the entire group several times about repenting to be saved. Repentance means changing our minds about sin so there is a radical change of heart. Do you want to welcome Jesus gladly into your home and heart? Do you want to repent tonight, right here? Do you want to be saved? The men raised their hands in front of their peers. It was a very special moment as Dwight led them in prayer.

The two men actually stayed after to get help filling out kites, or requests, so I can follow-up with them on Monday. Jesus said, "today, today, salvation has come to this house." We had two men join the people of faith as the "sons of Abraham." Glory to the Lord!

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