Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Goody bags distribution at the RJC

On a recent Saturday, I joined my friends Tony Gault and David Palma (pictured here) at Mars Hill Church in Bothell for an awesome "Day with Don," Dr. D. A. Carson from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois.

Dr. Carson powerfully spoke four times throughout the day, twice from the Gospel of John, then from Revelation 12 and Romans 3:21-26. Everything Dr. Carson shared equipped me for my sharing with the men at the Regional Justice Center and our very important local church ministries.

am so grateful for the increased giving over these past weeks. We know many have experienced a financially stressful season. Thanks for standing with us so faithfully in your caring words, prayer, and giving!

Check out our PFC website and contacts at:,
Prisoners for Christ Outreach Ministries
PO Box 1350
Woodinville, WA 98372-1350

As the president of the RJC Chaplaincy Advisory Group, I am delighted to be part of our annual distribution of Christmas goody bags to the inmates and staff at the RJC.

Despite the snow and ice of December, Merv Weidner, one of the volunteer chaplains, and his family load just over 800 lunch bags colored by classes at Rainier Christian School on the grounds of Camp Beracah. Merv is in the burgundy shirt in the back. For several years, multiple generations of the Weidner clan have marshaled their forces to serve in this ministry that is so very much appreciated.

Over the Christmas holiday break, I was blessed with a great deal of time serving at the RJC. I am meeting with Victor, a Messianic Jewish brother, to confirm our Savior's saving and sanctifying work in his life.

I've continue to meet with Joe, who is making remarkable strides again even though he had to go back to the RJC. The Lord provided me a wonderful contact with a transitioning inmate named Gordon who has provided me outstanding wisdom in supporting a number of men. I am also able to support him in some writing projects to build community service time he needs. So, please intercede for:
  • Victor, as he stands in faith
  • Joe, Trish, his dear wife, and family, as the Lord resurrects their marriage and family
  • Gordon, as we serve together
  • Wise use of my time at the RJC as I am guest teaching in Tahoma.
I'll write again soon!

In Christ,

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