Sunday, November 30, 2008

The generation seeking the King of Glory

As we move into the season of Christmas, I want to stand with you in praising our great God, the King of glory, from Psalm 24. From Him, we receive His blessings and righteousness. We are the generation who seek His face!

I have continued to go down to the RJC as often as I can in the afternoons after substituting. I am really thankful our church continues to support the "Angel Tree" ministry to children of inmates. In some instances, both parents are incarcerated. More, the gifts may be everything the families receive!

Grant is one of the men I have been privileged to share with over the past months. Pray for him as he prepares to transition out of jail hopefully in December. He has made huge strides spiritually as he memorizes transforming passages of God's word. Would you also pray for a couple with three children I care a great deal about and have been working with for most of this past year? The husband is out of prison now and we are praying together--extended family, husband, wife, and me--to see a mighty work of God to restore their marriage and family. They are starting out with some very encouraging steps. They are precious before the Lord.

In December, our Chaplaincy Advisory Group(CAG) at the RJC will be distributing 850 Christmas Goody Bags. One school and church in the community are coloring the bags. I am thankful to be the president of this CAG.

Our PFCOM income took another tumble this past month. The giving for November was $1200, a full $800 below our average for many months. I would be delighted if you would send a gift through, or at:
Prisoners for Christ Outreach Ministries
PO Box 1350
Woodinville, WA 98372-1350

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