Sunday, September 6, 2009

family worship at TRU

On Sunday afternoon, I visited my inmate friend John at Twin Rivers in Monroe during the monthly family worship service. John and I established a relationship while he was at the RJC.

We've maintained contact through letters and visits. I visit John up at TRU about twice a month and plan to attend the next family worship service in October.

The family service today ran from 1:30 to 3:00 led by
John Burkholder, the prison ministries pastor from the Cascade Community Church in Monroe. Cascade is a Converge NW church, along with Faith Baptist Church in Kent. John oversees a solid ministry team at the Monroe Corrections Center and sits on the Converge NW board. I am hoping to meet with John for mutual encouragement in the coming days.

John shared a message from Jonah and was supported by the tremendous worship music ministry of
Dave Irish from Bellevue. Dave led us in worship and some of his own music and then shared with many of the families and inmates who participated in the service.

Upcoming prison ministry activities:
Monday-Friday: ongoing ministry at the RJC.

Wednesday afternoon: meeting with Jerry Corelli and Jim Dixon, two musicians who go on eastern Washington and Oregon missions trips.

Wednesday night: Small group study in D unit at the RJC.

Thursday afternoon: meeting with Mary Ann Morbley at the RJC to continue planning our Chaplaincy Advisory Group appreciation dinner on September 28. I am the president of the RJC CAG group.

Next Monday and Tuesday: Washington Chaplains Association meeting at the Standing Stones Orchards PFC clean and sober ministry in Wapato with Bob Jordan, PFC board member and WCA secretary. There are two WCA meetings each year.

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