Monday, December 21, 2009

Pray for the safety and work of officers

Please pray for the morale and safety of  officers and their families who are significantly impacted by the five recent deaths of officers in
                 and now the ambush event  with two more Pierce County deputies near Eatonville.  We often share and pray with officers at the RJC. 

I traveled with a PFC team to the Fort Lewis Jail Sunday night to put on a concert and preaching service. 

Wayne Orendorff and Jim Dixon shared music, Chuck Boyce reflected on the early years of Jesus, Mike Otto prayed, and I preached from Revelation 5:9-10. 

There were 20 Army inmates and 10 shared with us after the service.  I was privileged to speak with one young man who needed to get his relationship with the Lord settled before he leaves jail and is sent to Afghanistan.  He wants to be able to express his heart for the Lord to other soldiers in the field and be assured of his position with Him in light of the obvious dangers. Another is a baby believer who prayed with me about forgiving a family member and huge levels of abuse there.

Wayne, Jim, and I prayed for an Army chaplain intern near the conclusion of our time there. This officer is being discharged after suffering from severe PTSS as a result of four tours in Iraq and is seeking to faithfully serve the Lord.

Here, Jim Dixon, Chuck Boyce, and Wayne Orendorff  by the PFC Standing Stones clean and sober ministry.

With school out for the Christmas break, I will be joyfully serving at the Regional Justice Center in Kent through these next weeks.

The Chaplaincy Advisory Group is distributing 600 goody bags to inmates and staff over these next days which is always a huge encouragement there.

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