Monday, November 9, 2009

J5OM PFC tour

We saw the Lord produce rich fruit on our missions tour through prisons in eastern Washington and Oregon on November 6-8. I was privileged to accompany the band J5OM, just five old men, who are from the Olympia area and present music written by Keith. Besides Keith, the band is Mick, Andy, Reggie, and Dennis.

Each of the chaplains were welcoming and accommodating. We did concert services at Walla Walla-East, Pendleton, Umatilla (2), and Ahtanum, just outside Yakima.

Service statistics:

Walla Walla, 35, 15 came forward for prayer
Pendleton, 32, 10 came forward for prayer
Umatilla, 80, 10 raised their hands to make first time commitments to Christ for salvation
Ahtanum, 25, 2 came forward for prayer
So, we presented to 172 men, prayed with 27, and saw 10 make first-time commitments for salvation.

There was a great deal of clapping and tapping while J5OM played in each service. When we arrived in Umatilla, there was not enough time planned to get unpacked, moved through inspection, and set up in the chapel so the first service was moved back and we ended up presenting to a second concert to a primarily Hispanic audience which had been planned as a Seventh Day Adventist service.

The band played several songs and then I preached a direct evangelistic message from John 1:9-13 and Jaime translated. At the end, I asked if any wanted to receive Christ and 10 raised their hands.

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