Wednesday, April 15, 2009

God's goodness and love

After returning from Northwest Transitional Living, or Standing Stones Orchards, in Wapato, the Lord is blessing me with His goodness and love in a fruitful week at the Regional Justice Center. I've met with 20 men so far this week and was blessed to see two receive Christ.

Benito is a growing Christian who shared in joyful tears he believes the Lord is calling him back to Mexico to be used in our Lord's Kingdom work. It isn't clear what He is going to do. The Lord asks, "who will go for me?" Benito can say, with Isaiah 6:8, "here I am, send me!" Then, get up on His altar as a living sacrifice and watch and wait for what He will do, Romans 12:2.

Pat has been attending my regular studies in E-unit and asked to see me one-on-one, earlier this week. He was burdened under the stress and dark cloud of guilt for years. As we read Charles Spurgeon's conversion testimony and then I started sharing several verses to present the gospel, he started to weep openly as we met. I was overjoyed as I watched the Lord draw another sinner into His kingdom.

It isn't all "successful." Another man "who is a drunk" carefully read through a worksheet I use on the the King, His Kingdom, and repentance with me. He even wrote down notes as we walked through the verses. He is considering the truth but wasn't ready.

Tonight, Dwight Hawley and I were to have a Bible study in D-unit but nobody came. So, Dwight went to S-unit and I went back to E-unit and worked through an amazing study on the faithful love of God from an awesome article by A. W. Pink which I will also be using Sunday morning with our Sunday School class. It was more wonderful with every verse we read in Spanish and English.

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Cal Redmond said...

This is great work, Mark! Not very glamorous, but you and others bringing the Gospel to men who really need to hear it. And God prepares their hearts, and many receive it. I'm so glad that you are doing this work!