Sunday, April 26, 2009

PFCU and Forks

I took classes on "the nature of addiction" and "assimilating sexual offenders in the local church" from Dr. Bob Segress at the Prisoners for Christ University held at Cedar Park Christian High School off 405 in Bothell on April 24. Bob serves with PFC in Shelton and holds multiple degrees in psychotherapy and theology.

"HALT" is an acronym Bob used to warn a person when they may be susceptible to falling into a particular addiction or sinful failure.

Perhaps, some do not know that I receive funding for my PFC ministry through friends and family and am not paid by the jail in any way. That means that we serve in our various sites by their grace PFC and we raise our support like any other missionary. There are some Department of Corrections prisons and DSHS chaplains at juvenile locations paid by the state. That all makes me incredibly thankful for so many that provide for my support.

On May 2, I went with David Julian and Jim Krueger to the Olympic Corrections facility just south of Forks, pictured here, for a concert and sharing with the men. Its just about four hours travel each way down to Aberdeen and then up Highway 101. Yes, that's a long, long way. It is an incredible blessing the times I have gone there. We are so thankful for the privilege of watching what the Lord does right before our eyes and how much the men appreciate us sharing with them.

David led the concert and uses a song sheet with Scripture connected with each song. The 18 men participated in reading he Scripture and singing with us. It was awesome to experience them eagerly desiring to read and call David when he went on to the next selection to sing. It is inspiring to participate in active, involved worship with these men. I spoke on characteristics of a solid relationship with the Lord from portions of Micah 7:7-19. I'll be going back to Olympic in June, July, and August with Jim Dixon and Chuck Baxter.

I was also delighted to have Jim join us from Port Orchard. We enjoyed fellowship on previous journeys to Forks and on Eastern Washington and Oregon Mission trips. The men love his country gospel songs and his heart to care for them. I sing along and even dance in the Lord to his music. I love several of his CD's as I worship.

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