Sunday, July 19, 2009

Joining with His Gospel Singers at OCC

Jim Dixon and I joined "His Gospel Singers" at the Olympic Corrections Center outside Forks for a Prisoners for Christ concert Saturday night.

We leave about 12:30 pm and get home about midnight for me and 12:45 for Jim. We go through Tacoma, Olympia, Aberdeen and Hoquiam, and north up Highway 101. We take our time going and make a direct trip home. Its a 4 1/2 hour trip each way, with stops and meals.

Jim and I agreed to host these OCC PFC concerts in Forks together the first Saturday of each month. On some occasions, we will do the concert and preaching ourselves while other times we will host the other excellent groups that come. So, we return to OCC the first Saturday in August.

The highlight of the ministry at OCC is how the men, this time 15, respond to the worship songs as they actively join in with us. We just about always feel the distinct moving of the Holy Spirit so He has ministered to us.

Jim had one man approach him after the service for prayer to conquer lust. It was awesome contact and what happens as we continue to return to Forks months to establish trusting relationships.

I got to encourage and pray for Sean who has 44 days before his release. I am learning how critical this transition season from last weeks in prison to days before and after release to the first three and six months...So, what happens in this season prepares the man for successful life, led and empowered in the Spirit.

I preached from Romans 8:31-39 on the theme, "Nothing and nobody--not even me--can separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus."

Jim followed with "His great love," another one of his awesome songs. His Gospel Singers sang and played with us, as we did with them. It was rich fellowship. We closed the service with "Amazing Grace" and a circle of prayer.

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