Thursday, July 16, 2009

walking across bridges with unlikely heroes

Wow, this is our last night, well, before the block party for our 2009 Mega Sports Camp.

For Thursday:
Theme: Unlikely heroes use extraordinary power for God's special victories.
Biblical focus: the resurrection, Matthew 27:45-28:10
feeding 5,000, Mark 6:30-44
Captain presentation: share the gospel in small groups
Monday: 291
Tuesday: 329
Wednesday: 339
Thursday: likely quite a few more

Here are some awesome supports for presenting the gospel to our groups:

Some might not be sure what to do. A solid gospel presentation using the Romans 8 passage was supplied to us on an orange packet at one of our team meetings. Angie did an awesome job of sharing about this with us. Its got to be real. It's all about the relationships we have with our athletes.

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