Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Family time with our FM team

The entire team enjoyed building each other up at our family time this afternoon in the sanctuary of the Alliance Church as part of our Faith Student Ministries mission in Fort Macleod.

Pastor Aaron gathered our team after lunch to communicate what we are seeing the Lord do through each of our team and then to connect with one another about needs we are sensing.  As this is Wednesday, it is the middle of the week so we want to keep focused as we seek to finish faithfully.

Here are reflections on each of our team members:
Austin: sensitive to others, growing as he teaches the Bible stories
Derek: willing to stick with projects, listener to peers, searching
Brandon: servant leader in painting at Rodeo Midnight Stadium, growing
Luke: enjoys having awesome fun, sensitive, smiling, leads music
Nathan: kids just love him, jumps right in at Anglican Church, all-star
Camden: "Mr. Awesome" with boys in soccer at Anglican Church, all-star
Dawna: Growing great heart for children, leading games at Anglican Church, all-star
Jordan: Runs out to talk with community teens, joyful, kids love her, all-star
Sarah: listener, doing skits with Becky and Tabitha, coming out in Christ
Christine: dependable, servant-leader whenever asked, relates well to all
Tabitha: ear to relationships and group, loves skits, cares deeply
Becky: bubbly, enthusiastic, loves everyone, connects with community teens
Mikayla: servant leader at VBS, connects with girls, genuinely sensitive to all
Jeff: faithful and active prayer warrior, currency manager at VBS, connecting with teens
Fuego: supports PA in anything he needs, cares about every member of our team
Pastor Aaron: reminds us we are dead to self and watching God do amazing things

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